Picking out a New Flashlight

I have been looking for a new flash light for a couple of days. I either lost the one that I had, or some guy at work picked it up and walked away while I was taking a machine apart at work. It was called a Blazeray tactical light and I liked it, but it was not very expensive. I think that I paid around twenty bucks for it on Amazon. However when I went to look there it said that it was not currently available. Of course I really like to buy from them because it is all set up and I do not have to worry about risking a credit card on a site that I do not really trust too much. It is not like the one that I use on Amazon is really that much of a risk to be honest. It has such a low limit that no one could really do any real damage to me if they managed to get hold of it. That is how I like it too. Continue reading